Prevention of Stress

People working in science as well as other sectors often are facing challenging situations. Increasing complexity in work contexts due to multi-faceted demands of the globalized world foster such challenges. Often this leads to enduring tension, which first decreases fun at work, then also performance, and finally may lead to fatigue and illness.


People in leading positions are often particularly at risk due to their responsible role. On the other hand, they are in the position to actively take part in decreasing the stress of themselves and their teams, of strengthening resources and coping skills.

The ability to cope with life challenges and to even learn and profit from these is called resilience. During the coaching process, I support you in fostering your personal resilience, for example, by questioning your typical patterns of thinking, by looking with you at your personal drivers, and by stimulating healthy and protective ways of interpreting situations and acting on them. By these means coaching provides the prerequisites for a better work-life balance and prevents burn-out.