Coaching process

In our first meeting (in person or via phone), we get to know each other and start clarifying your issues or questions and your goals. What should be different after the coaching? What are your expectations towards me as a coach? In addition, we also set the frame concerning practical issues before we then start working together.

By asking focused questions I open up an intense exchange, through which you obtain a deeper understanding for yourself and interactions with others. Which hindrances are blocking you, and which qualities and skills do you have available to get these out of the way? During the coaching process you will gain insights into the underlying drivers of your and other’s behavior. Together we explore possible actions and strategies to reach your goal(s). This creative learning process, which typically takes between three and ten meetings, will offer relief particularly in difficult life phases and provide clarity in situations where you need to take complex decisions.


Whether you would like to change something in your work or private life, during the interactive coaching process you can work in a protected space on topics that are important for you, take time to try out new perspectives, and learn about your personality.